Gospel Call to Servant Leadership

Planning guide for Retreat/Conference

Authentic leadership is a process of influencing.  When one seeks to influence the thinking, behavior or development of others in a positive way and toward accomplishing a particular goal, one is taking on the role of a leader.  To be an effective leader, one must make a personal choice about how and why she will use her influence toward others.

As one thinks of the many ways she, as a member of a religious congregation, consciously attempts to influence the beliefs, thinking and actions of others during a typical day in ministry, would it not be true to say that all who are involved in ministry are leaders wherever they are and whatever their ministry?

The above statement forms the basis of a sixteen page planning guide, Gospel Call to Servant Leadership, that may be implemented in a three or four day retreat/conference.  The guide provides suggestions for planning an event, offers a summary of five sessions, each containing content and process. The title of these sessions: “Spirituality of Leadership,” “Leadership in Ministry,” “Models of Leadership,” “Conflict Partnering,” and “Consensus Building.”  A post retreat/conference evaluation and a list of references are included.

This document was developed by Sister Mary Savoie, csj as a result of dialogue with individual Sisters, presidents of leadership conferences, and members of formation teams, living and ministering primarily in Eastern Europe.  Although it had been over 20 years since the fall of communism in Eastern European countries, Sisters currently living and ministering there, many of them under 50 years of age, desire to more effectively use and hone their leadership abilities.  This Guide is being presented to the Presidents of Leadership Conferences in Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. They will be responsible for the translation and use in their particular country.  Local content presenters and process facilitators will use this document, adding to it as needed and appropriate.

For information about this planning guide contact:

Mary Savoie or Margaret Nacke          csjdev@nckcn.com

Sisters of St Joseph                              785-527-2516

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